Plant Capability and Specification

Laminate Material

  • XPC
  • FR1
  • FR2
  • CEM1
  • CEM3
  • FR4
  • Aluminium Base MCPCB
  • Other special material if required

Types of PCB

Single Sided35,000 per Month
Double Sided PTH 5,000 Sq. mt. per Month
MultiLayer PTH 2500 Sq. mt. per Month
Metal Clad PCB(MCPCB) 500 Sq. mt. per Month

Board Dimensions

Maximum Board size 600mm X 450mm
Tolerance on overall dimension 4 mil{0.1mm}
Maximum Board Thickness 3.2mm
Minimum Board Thickness 0.3mm
Maximum Warpage Less than 0.75%
Finished Board Thickness Tolerance +/-10% for Thickness>=0.80mm and +/ for 75% for Thickness<=0.80mm.
Gold Plating, Carbon Peel off as per requirement

Board Specifications

Copper Thickness 0.5Oz. TO 3 Oz.
Min. hole Diameter 0.3 mm
Max hole Diameter Any size required
Minimum Annular Ring 4 mil
Min Track width 5 mil
Min Line spacing 5 mil
Min. SMT Pitch 20 mil
Solder Mask Thickness over Traces As per IPC Standards
Min. Conductor to edge spacing 0.30 mm
Hole Reg. Tolerance ( NPTH ) +/- 0.076 mm
Min. Pattern Reg. Tolerance +/- 0.076 mm
Min S/M Reg Tolerance (LPI) +/- 0.076 mm
Aspect Ratio 6
Bare Board Elec. Testing Volt. 5V ~ 250 V
Nickel Plating As per Requirements
Peelable Solder Mask As per Requirements
Carbon Printing As per Requirements